Gowri Shankar TEDx Talk

Why are snakes important to the ecosystem

In this captivating talk, Gowri Shankar, a conservationist who dedicated to the study of snakes and rescuing them, reignites the interest of people in snakes and tells us why cobras are important to the ecosystem.

About Gowri Shankar

Gowri Shankar is based in Agumbe, who primarily focuses on conservation and study of snakes. He is a conservationist and advocates the safeguarding of ecology, especially the conservation of King Cobras and snakes. He has worked for several wildlife documentaries behind the camera and has also been featured alongside Romulus Whitaker. In addition to that, he has published six scientific papers on a special King Cobra issue in one of the leading journals for reptiles, The Hamadryad and has appeared in several documentaries like One Million Snake Bites, Asia’s Deadliest Snakes, and Wildest India by BBC, Nat Geo Wild, and Discovery Channel.