Nayana Udupi TEDx Talk

The benefits of having transgender people in the workplace

Addressing the need for a larger acceptance of people from the 'third'/transgender in professional spaces as well as other social spaces, Nayana Udupi, a transwoman working as a marketing associate discusses the benefits of inclusivity of diversity in a workplace.

About Nayana Udupi

Born in an orthodox family at Mangalore, India, Nayana Udipi became an outlaw when she decided to change her sex from male to female. Unable to conform to the society and their rules, she ran away from home to build a life on her own. One of the most respected voices of the transgender community; she is currently working at ThoughtWorks India as a part of their marketing team. Nayana’s story is one of struggle and perseverance. She stands out as the few people from the transgender communities who have built a successful career in the corporate world.