Pranav Kothari TEDx Talk

How adaptive technology is beneficial for teachers and students

The gap between a teacher's intention and the outcome can be bridged by technology. Pranav Kothari discusses the adaptive learning technology which provides personalized learning assistance for different kinds of students in a classroom.

About Pranav Kothari

Pranav Kothari is currently the Domain Architect and Vice President of the Large Scale Education Programmes at Educational Initiatives (EI). He was a member of the development team of the Mindspark product, which is a technology-based, personalized and adaptive learning tool for Mathematics and Language. He led the operations of the Mindspark Centres in urban slums of Delhi and Mindspark’s subsequent deployment in government schools of Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. He has spoken extensively on various panels in India and the USA on various subjects such as student assessments, educational technology, and the critical need for a Science of Learning as a pre-requisite to ensure students learn with understanding.
Prior to EI, Pranav studied Mechanical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology and finished an MBA at the Harvard Business School after working at Boston Consulting Group and GTI Private Equity in USA and India.