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Rules & Regulations

By agreeing the terms and conditions, you also agree to adhere to these terms:

  • Each ticket admits one attendee only.
  • All tickets are non-refundable & non-transferable.
  • All attendees must carry a valid government verified photo identity card at the venue. Example: Pan Card, Driving License, Passport, etc .
  • No Flash Photography or video recording at the venue is permitted, under any circumstances.
  • There will be no Q&A and Audience to Speaker interaction on stage.
  • All registrations are subject to verification, any discrepancy may result in cancellation of registration.
  • The attendees must wear their conference badge throughout the conference.
  • Event doors will remain shut during sessions and will not open for entry.
  • Any individual might be asked to leave the venue without any liability of a refund if there is any behavioural misdemeanour; the decision of which rests with the conference management and venue management and is final and binding.
  • Consumption of any prohibited substances is strictly prohibited at the venue. Carrying of food items, alcohol, cigarettes, weapons, inflammable and banned substances into the event premises is strictly prohibited.
  • The organizer does not take any responsibility for injuries, loss or theft of any personal belongings of attendee.
  • There is no refund for no shows.
  • All standard venue and attendee rules are applicable.
Read the private policy.